If you receive the notification “2FA incorrect” during the login process, please check the following:

The authenticator app generates a 2FA code which is valid only for 30 seconds. On the left side from the generated code, you should see the circle showing time left until the code expires. Please enter this code into the field "2FA code" before it expires.

If problem persists:

  1. Go to time checker portal from your computer and check if the time on your phone has no delays.
  2. Check that the time and the time zone on your device used for login (e.g. laptop) and phone are the same.
  3. Check that the time on your phone is set to be automated and the time zone is also set correctly. Try to turn off and turn back on “Set time automatically” feature in phone settings.

If the issue is still there, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@altpay.uk.