To minimise the possibility of receiving a request for additional documentation, please be prepared to submit all of the following:

  • The full set of incorporation documents showing the active status of the company, registration date, registered address, information on directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners (extract from the Register not older than 6 months)
  • If the ownership of the company consists of more than one level (multi-layer ownership, trusts and other complex ownership structures), please submit the company’s full structure scheme and ownership documents for all the levels confirming the ultimate beneficial owners (private individuals) 
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association if an account signatory is a Director OR Power of Attorney certified by the notary in case a signatory is an authorized representative
  • Supporting documents confirming business relationships with key business partners (contracts, invoices, etc.) 
  • Company’s bank account statement for the last 6 months OR Tax declaration OR Audited financial statements 
  • Clear colour photo/scan of ID for Company Representatives and ultimate beneficial owners 
  • Proof of address for ultimate beneficial owners and Company Representatives (not older than 3 months) 
  • Source of funds and business experience of the beneficial owners (CV, tax declaration, personal bank account statements, etc.) 
  • Contact details for ultimate beneficial owners and Company Representatives (e-mail address and mobile number)

Additional information might be required at a later stage.

If you have any questions regarding the previously mentioned list, please do not hesitate to ask our Onboarding Team.