IBANs of type LT1534000xxxxxxxx are SEPA types IBAN and only operate with Euros.

IBANs of type GB04IFXS2xxxxxxxx are both SEPA and SWIFT types IBANs and operate with Euros, Dollars and British Pounds.

To make a transfer from LT IBAN to GB IBAN, follow this instructions:

Click on the euro GB account and select "Go to wallet":

Then click on the Bank Details:

Then it will show you the bank account details. Choose "SEPA" tab on top (In some versions it can be named "Local"). It will show you the SEPA Bank Account details to where you will need make a standard SEPA transfer.


Create a beneficiary as yourself with this bank details and make a transfer. Maximum in 1-2 business days your money will be available in GB IBAN.

Code words: Guru, IFX, SEPA to SWIFT.